Proeco Living

Aware of the environmental issue, Uribe & Schwarzkopf has developed a pro-ecology concept:

  • Volumetric design which provides enough shade to minimize solar impact on users.
  • Building equipped with light and movement sensors with the corresponding greater energy efficiency.
  • Green terraces in the surface of outside areas, reducing the heat islands effect of large cities, thus minimizing the construction’s impact.
  • Thermal isolation, vegetal covers obstruct, filter and reflect solar radiation, fighting the heat in sunny days and maintaining heat in the winter.
  • These also act as acoustic screens and provide noise protection.
  • Use of colorless transparent glass to ensure sufficient lighting in work areas.
  • Intelligent building with its own energy sources for the lighting of hallways, paths and outside areas.
  • Use materials that have a low ecological impact.
  • Architecture that seeks to minimize the CO2 footprint of the building.
  • International standard of sustainable logistics for construction.